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Who We Are - About Wait Time

At Wait Time, we understand what it is like to get caught in an unforeseen line and have your day ruined. For those with busy schedules, an excessive wait time can even affect other appointments and commitments. You can only do so much research by looking up establishments and calling ahead.

That's why we've developed a resource that can monitor accurate wait times in real time. Our passionate team of developers has put together an app that is both user-friendly and informational, so you can plan your day with far greater efficiency and cut down on daily frustrations. Wait Time is available for mobile devices through our website. Simply provide the phone number for your Apple or Android smartphone and stay updated on restaurant wait times, ER and urgent care wait times, and salon wait times in your area

Our Mission

We're dedicated to providing you with a highly effective and accurate app to track wait times at all of your favorite salons and restaurants. Our app also allows you to gauge how long you'll be waiting at emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

We aim to provide an app that can serve as your go-to companion for your scheduling and planning needs. Wait Time's data on restaurants, salons, emergency rooms, and urgent care facilities is frequently updated and available to help you make your plans in real time. Data is supplied by customers and the businesses themselves, so you can get on-the-ground data about expected waiting times.

Need to make a reservation or appointment to cut down further on waiting time? Our app can do that too! We're here to help our customers exercise efficient planning so they can enjoy a higher quality of life in their daily activities.

Contact Us Today

Do you have any questions about our services? Our friendly team of customer service representatives is here to help. Just send us an email at support@WaitTime.com and we'll happily get back to you as soon as possible.

Now is the time to take advantage of accurate and efficient planning. Cut down on those long lines and save yourself the frustration. Mapping out a precise schedule has never been this easy. Try out Wait Time today!